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Have you ever dreamt about having a sexy escort as a girlfriend?  Now you can.

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Length of Time:  At least one month or longer.  If wanting shorter period of time just complete our Booking Form and hire us.
Description:  You are a special guy and want a special girl for a very long period of time and money is not an issue.  You really like one of the girls we have listed and want to make her all yours.  You decide what she does…Does she retire from this line of work or will you allow her to continue working and maybe even tell clients she has a boyfriend and tell you the juicy details (names omitted of course).  You’ll get her phone number and be able to call her anytime day or night if she retires, or when she’s available if you allow her to keep working.  Many past friends have found true love at this site and been retired.  Yes, we are all looking for boyfriends or husbands who can handle a wild girl like us.

Please be aware, the lowest performing girls here generally see clients about 15 days a month and the best performing girls are booked solid.  The slowest month ever for any girl was 10 clients.  So keep that in mind when making your offer.

Currently Sponsored Girls:  Mickey, Amy, Tara, Ming, Tina, Sang, Jae, Pearl, Pat, Kaem, Ping.  Check back later to see if any of these girls end their sponsorship and come out of retirement.  Aum just returned from being sponsored and is now available again after having been sponsored for almost a year.