Sponsoring A Girl

Have you ever dreamt about having a sexy escort as a girlfriend?  Now you can.

Price: This is between you and the whomever you want to sponsor.  I get nothing other than the satisfaction of knowing a friend is well taken care of.  She doesn’t pay me anything and neither do you.  So it’s completely between you and her.

UPDATED:  Clients keep asking me and many are now trying to pretend they are asking for a girl at another site as if I really don’t want them to sponsor my friends.  It’s ok, you can tell me the truth as my ultimate goal is to get them all sponsored–make money and get our while you can like I did!  Clients keep wanting an idea about how much it’ll cost them.  That’s up to you and her.  I don’t get shit when you sponsor her so it’s really not my business.  I never even ask the girls what they got as it’s not my business, but some have wanted to make sure to inform me and the average seems to be about 100,000 baht a month.  One girl was getting 100,000 a week (400,000 a month) every month for a year with her sponsor.  I heard some tell me figures as low as 50,000 a month which is why they wanted to make sure to tell me that they still needed my help with clients as that was hardly enough to cover their expenses and certainly not enough to be able to save anything for the future.  Yet the most common amount I seem to be hearing is at least 100,000 or up as that’s just enough for them to be able to cover expenses and save a little so if the sponsorship ends they aren’t back to nothing and feeling they wasted their time when they could have been working instead of wasting away their best years.  But again, it’s completely between you and her as I have never ever gotten any of the money, never asked, and never would accept as I don’t need it–I have my own sponsor who takes very very good care of me.  Very good!

Length of Time:  At least one month or longer.  If wanting shorter period of time just complete our Booking Form and hire us.
Description:  You are a special guy and want a special girl for a very long period of time and money is not an issue.  You really like one of the girls we have listed and want to make her all yours.  You decide what she does…Does she retire from this line of work or will you allow her to continue working and maybe even tell clients she has a boyfriend and tell you the juicy details (names omitted of course).  You’ll get her phone number and be able to call her anytime day or night if she retires, or when she’s available if you allow her to keep working.  Many past friends have found true love at this site and been retired.  Yes, we are all looking for boyfriends or husbands who can handle a wild girl like us.

Please be aware, the lowest performing girls here generally get a good amount of bookings per month and the best performing girls are booked solid.  You can check their calendars to get an idea about how many bookings although it might not be completely accurate as that will also include days off.  But do some thinking before making your offer.  Yet, be aware that not all the bookings are listed on the girl’s calendar as last minute phone bookings don’t usually get put on the calendar as it doesn’t matter to mark those dates off since it’s last minute anyway, and we get A LOT of phone bookings every day.

Currently Sponsored Girls:  I no longer maintain a list as we have so many girls coming in and out of sponsorship every month.  We have a new girl getting sponsored almost every month and recently had 4 get sponsored the same month.  We have way more girls currently being sponsored than we have listed as available.  We’ve also had several girls get a sponsor on their very first client.